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Innoseal in Poland

Firma Mankiewicz Sp. z o.o. działa na polskim rynku już od początku lat 80-tych. Specjalizujemy się w zaopatrywaniu piekarń, cukierń i zakładów gastronomicznych w maszyny, urządzenia i sprzęt."
- Mankiewicz

Constant and consistent innovation

Innoseal = Innovate

Over 25 years of high quality, excellent care, sophisticated innovations and traditional service. As an International company, we strive to provide the world with better (bag) closing solutions & seals than ever before.

The paper and tape closure

Our revolutionary design combines tape and paper to make an easy-to-open, yet tamper-evident seal, that does not take away from its ability to create airtight seals. ​If there is a tear in the paper, someone else got to your package first.

one seal at the time

Why Choose Us


Keeping sustainability and environmental interests at heart, Innoseal strives to combine practical solutions with the future in mind.


This is a short description elaborating the service you have mentioned above.​


Innoseal prides itself on the innovation and quality we put in our Sealers and Refill.


Combining the best of all worlds in hygiene and food safety.

Time efficient

Your bag is closed in the blink of an eye, save time to focus on more important things in life.

A Sealer for every bag

Tape & Paper; Easy to open, easy to close, tamper evident, fast AND effortless!


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